Resolve to Get Your Finances in Shape

Work for it

Whether it’s trimming your waistline or firming your financial profile, the key isn’t making your list of resolutions, it’s sticking with it! Dickinson Investment Advisors provide planning and investment services that are tailored to our clients’ unique needs and life circumstances, with a goal of achieving wise financial stewardship of their resources in retirement. Through working […]

Videos from our Christmas Open House

Christmas coffee and wafers

    Check out these short video clips from our Christmas Open House on December 11. Tom Sperling, Veva Larson (from the Iowa Western Community Band), and Emily Umphreys entertained the folks with their French horn, piano, and vocal music. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Click on the arrows to view […]

Let’s Look Forward

Retirement Key

What can your future look like in retirement?  Watch this video to learn more about the value we can bring to helping you turn your retirement dreams into reality.                  

We Provide Retirement Planning That Is Tailored For You

Retirement Key

You’ve built your nest egg over many years.  This video explains how we can help you enjoy the rewards of your life’s efforts through our integration of financial planning, tax planning, and investment management. We offer our complimentary tool of my$View so you can view your entire financial life in one secure place.  

Watch This Video About Retirement Income

Senior couple working at laptop

To retire right, you need to know what to do with what you have saved.  Do you know your retirement options? Watch this video to learn more about the options available for you. Then give us a call at 712-256-4856 to arrange a time to visit together about your retirement dreams and your financial preparations to realize […]

You Don’t Have To Walk Alone

Virginia back roads

Planning for your financial future is a journey that you don’t have to take by yourself. Watch this 2-minute video to see how we can help you with your financial planning, tax planning, and investment management.  

Online Computers Cannot Know You As A Person

Financial planner explaining to a couple

We know our clients’ needs and goals far better than any computerized algorithm can. Watch this video to see the contrast between “robo-advisors” and our personalized approach to providing financial planning and investment management for you and your loved ones. Today there are more and more websites (“robo-advisors”) that offer to take your data, run it […]

Creative Planning

Retirement plan

In wealth management, creative thinking is both an art and a science. Watch this video to see how our creative ideas can help you visualize potential outcomes for your financial future.

Lump Sum or Monthly Pension Payment Options

Retirement Key

Many retirees are given the option with their company pensions of taking a fixed monthly payment or accepting a single lump sum payment.  Careful consideration should be given to making the proper selection, because once you choose one or the other, your choice is locked in for life. The monthly payment option typically also comes […]

Getting From Here To There

The Ozarks in Missouri  6/11/2014

When you work with us, we’ll help you to save and invest, then grow and protect your money for retirement. This video shows how some folks rely on luck when it comes to getting ready for retirement. It’s better to have a strategy. The road between “here and there” is shorter when you know the […]