Volunteers Live Longer

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Research has shown that older Americans who volunteer frequently live longer and report less disability. According to data from the Corporation for National and Community Service, 18.7 million older adults – more than a quarter of those 55 and older – contributed on average more than three billion hours of service in their communities per year […]

We Provide Solutions With Your IRA Rollovers

IRA Roth 401(k) nest eggs

What are some of the things that can happen if you don’t correctly handle transactions with your retirement accounts? For example, if you use the wrong terminology regarding IRA transactions, you could make mistakes. You could lose tax deferral status for your hard-earned savings for retirement. You could be forced to pay out unnecessary tax penalties. We can […]

Integrate Your Tax Planning and Investment Management

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Watch this video to see how Ron explains a key element of our value proposition: integrating your tax planning into the process of financial planning and managing your investments. To learn more, you may call us at 712-256-4856 or send an email to tom@dickinsoninvestments.com. (Click the arrow to view this video.)

1040 Tax Calculator

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The strategic partnership between Dickinson Investment Advisors and Dickinson & Clark CPAs, PC provides the value of making one stop for your tax guidance and retirement planning. Check out the 1040 Tax Calculator as an available tool on our website as you prepare your documentation during this tax season. Also, Ron explains in his website video and […]

You Don’t Have To Walk Alone

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Planning for your financial future is a journey that you don’t have to take by yourself. Watch this 2-minute video to see how we can help you with your financial planning, tax planning, and investment management.  

An Estate Management Checklist

Planning is everything

        Do you have a will? A will enables you to specify who you want to inherit your property and other assets. A will also enables you to name a guardian for your minor children. Do you have financial documents in place? Certain financial documents can outline your financial wishes. If you […]

Ron Analyzes Market Volatility

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Watch Ron’s video as he provides an analysis of market volatility. He made this presentation as part of our “Forecast 2015″ client event on January 27, 2015. To learn more about our investment disciplines and how we make decisions regarding your irreplaceable assets in retirement, call us at 712-256-4856 or send an email to tom@dickinsoninvestments.com.  

Ron’s Market Forecast for 2015

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Watch Ron’s video to hear his market forecast for 2015, which was part of his presentation at our “Forecast 2015″ client event. Although we cannot predict with certainty what the markets will do, we do have time-tested investment disciplines that keep us focused on being good stewards of your assets for retirement. Please give us a call at […]

Ron Analyzes the Drop in Oil Prices

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Check out this video from Ron as he analyzes the market impact of falling oil prices. Oil prices have fallen nearly 50% from their June highs, so what are the ramifications of that? At our “Forecast 2015″ client event on January 27, Ron discussed the ripple effect of falling oil prices on various components of […]

Ron Explains Stock Market Valuations

Two Chinese Companies Join New York Stock Exchange

Watch Ron’s video as he explains how the price/earnings ratio is calculated in determining stock market valuations. This presentation was part of our “Forecast 2015″ client event on January 27, 2015. Thanks for watching this video. To learn more about our investment disciplines, please contact us with your questions. You can reach us at 712-256-4856 or […]