The Impact of Falling Oil Prices

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Ouch! It was no fun to be an investor last week. Our weekly market commentary reports that the week prior, a commentary in The Wall Street Journal’s blog, MoneyBeat, offered this insight: “Falling oil prices are thought to be good for stocks because they stimulate consumer spending and hold down inflation. The lower costs support […]

What Does the Future Hold for 2015?

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The good news is most analysts expect economic growth in the United States to continue. The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Federal Reserve, and the International Monetary Fund all have forecast gross domestic product growth in the United States at 2.5 to 3.0 percent for 2015. That’s not quite as good as the 7 […]

Let’s Look Forward

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What can your future look like in retirement?  Watch this video to learn more about the value we can bring to helping you turn your retirement dreams into reality.                  

Analysis of the November Jobs Report

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In the United States, it was more of the same ole, same ole… The Dow Jones Industrial Average and Standard & Poor’s 500 closed at record highs for the 34th time and 49th time this year, respectively. The impetus last week was a jobs report that far exceeded expectations. For the 10th consecutive month, more […]

How Popular Are U.S. Markets?


If investors around the world were voting on their favorite stock market, there is little doubt U.S. markets would finish near the top. Our weekly market commentary reports that Barron’s explained, “For the past three years, Wall Street has been trouncing the world’s other markets, inducing investors to pile in and bail on other assets.” The […]

Central Banks’ Easy Money Policies

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Pioneer. Trendsetter. Trailblazer. Whatever term you decide to use, there’s no debate about the fact central banks around the world are taking a page or two from the U.S. Federal Reserve’s playbook. Our weekly market commentary reports that the Fed may have ended quantitative easing (QE) – its program of buying government bonds to keep […]

Is All This Stock Market Optimism a Red Flag?

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Contrarians – investors who bet against prevailing market trends – were probably nodding along as they read that headline in The Wall Street Journal back on January 18, 2013. Our weekly market commentary reports that the Journal cited the American Association of Individual Investor’s (AAII’s) Sentiment Survey, which showed about 46 percent of participants were feeling […]

Our Approach as Retirement Investment Advisors

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We don’t buy and forget. I want to help you to understand the steps that I take so that my “buy and hold” strategy for long-term investing does not turn into “buy and forget.” The mission of our firm incorporates a focus on “proven, time-tested investment solutions.”  Such solutions for my clients include a proactive approach […]

The R Generation

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“The New Hire” is the name of a September survey published by PwC. It’s not about how to make newly-hired people more comfortable and productive. It’s about how the R generation – the latest rollout of industrial robots – is transforming manufacturing. More than one-half of the 120 manufacturing firms surveyed already have adopted robotics […]

Is It a Melt-Up?

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You’re familiar with the word “melt.” Ice cream melts. Snow melts. You may have seen someone melt down (or have done it yourself). Right now, markets may be experiencing a melt-up, according to Barron’s. Melt-up is a counterintuitive term which describes a sharp, emotion-driven improvement in market performance. Last June, The Wall Street Journal blog […]