How Much Is One Trillion?

Financial & investing terms

Our weekly market commentary explains that… If you waited one trillion seconds, it would take 31,688 years. If you had a trillion dollars, and spent $10 million a day, it would take 273 years to go broke. If you taped $100 bills end-to-end, you could wrap the earth 41 times with $1 trillion dollars. Alternatively, […]

We Provide Solutions With Your IRA Rollovers

IRA Roth 401(k) nest eggs

What are some of the things that can happen if you don’t correctly handle transactions with your retirement accounts? For example, if you use the wrong terminology regarding IRA transactions, you could make mistakes. You could lose tax deferral status for your hard-earned savings for retirement. You could be forced to pay out unnecessary tax penalties. We can […]

Analysis of 1st Quarter 2015

Analysis through a magnifying glass

Our weekly market commentary provides a recap of economic, financial, and political events that triggered other events in the global economy during the first quarter of 2015. Europe heads into deflation “The whiff of deflation is everywhere,” reported The Economist early in 2015: “Even in America, Britain, and Canada – all growing at more than […]

Integrate Your Tax Planning and Investment Management

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Watch this video to see how Ron explains a key element of our value proposition: integrating your tax planning into the process of financial planning and managing your investments. To learn more, you may call us at 712-256-4856 or send an email to (Click the arrow to view this video.)

Healthcare? Revolution? Really?

Healthcare costs

We may be taking part in a revolution and not even realize it! The way healthcare is provided in the United States has been changing. In the past, Americans participated in fee-for-service healthcare. You might think of it as healthcare a la carte. Hospitals and doctors were reimbursed for each test and treatment, which created […]

You Don’t Have To Walk Alone

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Planning for your financial future is a journey that you don’t have to take by yourself. Watch this 2-minute video to see how we can help you with your financial planning, tax planning, and investment management.  

Investor Uncertainty

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So, when is the Federal Reserve going to increase the rate for overnight borrowing? That’s a question presented in our weekly market commentary that has plagued bond investors throughout the first quarter of 2015. In January, 10-year Treasury yields fell as low as 1.6 percent. Early in March, they rose to about 2.2 percent before falling […]

Milestones in the Last Decade

Change (for the better)

Your grandparents and great-grandparents saw a lot of things change during their lifetimes… During the 20th century, the first Nobel prizes were awarded. The first license plates were issued. The first World Series was played. Americans lived through McCarthyism, the Great Depression, and Orson Welles’ ‘The War of the Worlds’ broadcast. Rock and roll became […]

Market Reaction to the Fed

Markets Report

Our weekly market commentary reports that financial markets gave the Federal Reserve a standing ovation last week. At least, that was Barron’s interpretation. What did the Fed do to deserve it? “…the Fed did what everyone expected, signaling that it could raise interest rates at any meeting starting in June. Yet, Yellen and team still […]

A Stronger Dollar

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Our weekly market commentary notes that Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first inaugural address was delivered in 1933 in the midst of the Great Depression. He said, “This great nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have […]