Analysis through a magnifying glass

ECB Actions and the Big Mac Index

Our weekly market commentary suggests that there may be potential for a reality TV program starring central bankers and the making of economic policy. It could be called, ‘The Real Central Bankers of the European Economic Community.’ Just imagine the last two weeks’ … [Read More...]

Retirement Key

We Provide Retirement Planning That Is Tailored For You

You've built your nest egg over many years.  This video explains how we can help you enjoy the rewards of your life's efforts through our integration of financial planning, tax planning, and investment management. We offer our complimentary tool of my$View so you can view … [Read More...]

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Market Health Outlook – 4th Quarter 2014

2014 Key Takeaways: As the year drew to a close, a handful of big-picture issues dominated the investment landscape: the plunging price of oil, positive economic indicators in the United States relative to most of the globe, and the ongoing influence of central banks (a … [Read More...]

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Free Portfolio Risk Analysis

Do you want to know what your Risk score is for investing your assets for retirement? After you take our brief questionnaire, we can help you by calculating your risk tolerance number and then designing a portfolio to fit you. Click here on this link to take our brief Riskalyze assessment: After you have completed the assessment, we will be notified about your results, and then we'd be glad to discuss them with you. … [Read More...]