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The Fed Chair’s Testimony

Our weekly market commentary reports on how last week European countries, companies, and entrepreneurs were getting paid to borrow money, and ordinary Joes with money in some European banks got letters saying the banks would be charging to hold their money. The New York … [Read More...]

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Make the Most of All Your Years

I have two rules related to planning for your retirement: #1 Don’t run out of money. #2 After you have rule #1 solved, don’t forget to enjoy your young retirement years. As Americans we keep living longer. The Wall Street Journal article “Longer Lives Hit Pension … [Read More...]

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Ron’s Market Forecast for 2015

Watch Ron's video to hear his market forecast for 2015, which was part of his presentation at our "Forecast 2015" client event. Although we cannot predict with certainty what the markets will do, we do have time-tested investment disciplines that keep us focused on being … [Read More...]

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Free Portfolio Risk Analysis

Do you want to know what your risk score is for investing your assets for retirement? After you take our brief questionnaire, we can help you by calculating a score for your risk tolerance and then designing a portfolio to fit you. Click here on this link to take our brief Riskalyze assessment. After you have completed the assessment, we will be notified about your results, and then we'd be glad to visit with you … [Read More...]