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Analysis of How the Markets Got Spooked

It’s a little early for Halloween, but markets sure got spooked last week. Our weekly market commentary notes that after a 21-month ride to mid-September highs, stock markets jolted and shook investors last week like the scariest roller coaster at an amusement park’s … [Read More...]

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Small Ball

The Royals have won their way to the World Series! How have they done it? Primarily, by playing "small ball" - great pitching, great defense, stealing a lot of bases, and timely hitting of singles and doubles. In our approach to investing, that's what we do by using … [Read More...]

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Market Health Outlook – 3rd Quarter 2014

I have a few natural concerns as there is a bit of worry in the air – from Ebola to slowing global growth.   This is a natural process as the markets reflect the tug and pull of supply and demand working itself out with spits and spurts. Since the Great Recession which … [Read More...]

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