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Is All This Stock Market Optimism a Red Flag?

Contrarians – investors who bet against prevailing market trends – were probably nodding along as they read that headline in The Wall Street Journal back on January 18, 2013. Our weekly market commentary reports that the Journal cited the American Association of Individual … [Read More...]

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Our Approach as Retirement Investment Advisors

We don't buy and forget. I want to help you to understand the steps that I take so that my “buy and hold” strategy for long-term investing does not turn into “buy and forget.” The mission of our firm incorporates a focus on “proven, time-tested investment solutions.”  … [Read More...]

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Please Come to Our Christmas Open House on December 11

Come join us for our Christmas Open House on Thursday, December 11, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. You will be able to enjoy some tasty food, live Christmas horn music, and good conversation with our team here at Dickinson Investment Advisors. The festivities will be held … [Read More...]

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How Can You Become Our Client?

        1. Learn about "Who We Are," "Serving You," and "Are We Right For You?" on our website. 2. Compile your vital personal documents and information about your financial accounts. 3. Jot down any questions you may have related to your retirement planning, your tax issues, and/or how we take care of our clients. 4. Call us to schedule a discovery meeting with Ron or … [Read More...]